30 September 2013

moments that reflect my cph trip [archictecture]

i took the time to make you a post with some special moments that reflect my copenhagen trip I how i see the city and how i got into it fact is that this city has so many faces I the modern architecture in the south the nyc soho flair  I in the center and last but not least some kind of hamptons in the northern part of the city
 enjoy my pics xoxo deea

19 September 2013

anderne eyewear

heute shooten wir mit den fabelhaften sonnenbrillen von anderne I ein ganz großes dankeschön an lire de sales und das team anderne für diese tollen sonnenbrillen I morgen ein outfit post mit diesen sehenswerten sunnies I 

today we gonna shoot with these great and fabulous pieces from anderne I big thanks to lire de sales and team anderne I tomorrow an outfit post with these lovely sunglasses I 

16 September 2013

jolie magazin [0913]

good morning guys I we are proud to tell you that les [factory] femmes is again in the jolie issue