04 December 2013

jolie [top10 2013]

TOP 10 of 2013

again big thx to jolie magazine :: we really appreciate that :: 
vielen lieben dank an das jolie online magazine :: wir schätzen das sehr ::

26 November 2013

christmas wishlist N°1 [deea]

weil träumen erlaubt ist... 

everything is permitted in your dreams...

velocite bikerjacket - acne [here] / skinny jeans - acne [here] / cassandre clutch - ysl [here] / black and white faux fur mittens - river island [here] / chanel's classic revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld  / fabulous sunglasses - anderne [here]

30 September 2013

moments that reflect my cph trip [archictecture]

i took the time to make you a post with some special moments that reflect my copenhagen trip I how i see the city and how i got into it fact is that this city has so many faces I the modern architecture in the south the nyc soho flair  I in the center and last but not least some kind of hamptons in the northern part of the city
 enjoy my pics xoxo deea