25 May 2013


in sweden summer is very short so they celebrate the midsummer with a sweet holiday called midsommar I its end of june the time when school holidays start I
everybody is picking flowers and making wreaths I then they are dancing and eating pickled herring, boiled new potatoes with fresh dill, soured cream and raw red onion I after the celebration I on their way home, girls and young women are supposed to pick seven different species of flowers and lay them under their pillows I at night, their future husbands appear to them in a dream I this wreaths remind me of the summers that i spent in sweden with my family

how to do our version
deea and me bought the flowers at textil müller and jused old headbands where we glued the flowers on I we had a hot glue gun which you can get at libro I then we started to cut the flowers to a shorter size so it was easier to glue them on the headband I you can choose any colours you like and place them on the headband as you want I its up to your creativity